How to Pick A Unique Wedding Venue

Everything starts with the space – not only is it the first thing to make an impact when your guests arrive, but the atmosphere you choose will be infused into every aspect of the event. Not to mention, the venue will be the backdrop for all your wedding photos, so you really want to choose a space that you’ll love to look at for years to come. It’s no surprise that couples want a venue to reflect their individual personalities and mutual love. That’s why, when choosing a venue, more and more couples are moving away from the traditional options and towards unique event venues and wedding locations.

Weddings should be a reflection of who you are and what you love – which starts with the location. In this post, we looked at advice from event and wedding planners to create four tips on how to find your unique wedding venue.

Mt Cook Lakeside Retreat

Location &  Logistics

Location, location, location! Pick a place that feels right and is somewhere you would love to visit as a guest. Can all of your guests easily get here for your wedding from a hotel / airport / bus ride?  Parking lot nearby? Will you be able to set up early / do you need to use required vendors? Remember that the fanciest, exotic location or destination wedding doesn’t necessarily make for the best event. If your wedding is better suited in a cool loft with city views instead of on the beach in the Coromandel, you’ll save time and money while staying true to yourself.


Size & Specifics

Can this location accommodate the size of your wedding? Take a look at your guest count and make sure your venue can accommodate your numbers for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. A pro tip – sometimes your wedding can grow with additional guests, so give yourself a little wiggle room with the venue to make sure they can accommodate a few extra if need be. Make sure the space has a weather backup (you never know in NZ!), restrooms that are accessible for your guests, and meets your criteria for indoor/outdoor options.


Space & Style

Fall in love with the bones of the venue. It doesn’t have to be perfect in every single way, but it should be in line with your vision for the day. Did you dream of an outdoor ceremony? A place with great natural light? A terrace with a view? There are always ways to “transform” spaces, but you want to make sure your unique wedding venue is stylistically a good fit, has nice “flow,” and has personality. While people will probably forget what they ate, they won’t forget where they danced the night away.

Hedges Estate

Rentals & Requirements & Restrictions

It is always important to consider the specific requirements of each venue. Sometimes this can change your ability to rent a space. Review the following with any venue owner: What things are/are not included? Do you need to bring everything in? What are the requirements and restrictions in terms of noise, vendors, timing, permitting, insurance and any other fees? This process of working with the venue owner can be lengthy and frustrating to navigate if you are tackling it on your own – not to mention difficult to negotiate. Don’t stress though, we are always just an email away if you have any questions or need a hand.

What sorts of things are you looking for in a venue? Let us know in the comments below.



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