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List, discover, and book unique wedding venues & vendors around New Zealand and Australia

Backyard Weddings is a trusted community platform for people to list, discover, and book unique wedding venues around New Zealand and Australia

Whether an intimate garden ceremony of 10 or an extended family wedding on a lifestyle property, Backyard Weddings connects couples to unique backyard venues.

And with exceptional customer service and a growing community of users, Backyard Weddings is the easiest way for people to monetise their private property and for couples to find their dream wedding venue.

The Team

Holly Goldsworthy-Smith
Owner, operator, wannabe tech whiz, animal rescuer, gardener & eco-friendly warrior!

Picking a wedding venue… for me it was easy BUT only because my parents own one! #FREEISGOOD One of those lucky sods you might say.. except my venue is just as simple and simply A M A Z I N G as the next. It’s a backyard venue just like the rest!
The venue absolutely sets the tone. It influences your invite list. It’s the “tofu” in the wedding sandwich, if you will. So why then is finding the right one so hard for most?

Why do the venues get to choose how much I spend on food? Why can’t I have children there? Why do I have to stick your decor? And why does it cost so much?!

Before i slapped myself & realised our family paddock was the best spot ever.. These were all questions I found myself shouting at my wedding spreadsheet as I tried to reconcile my budget and my dream venue…. And I thought, why isn’t there a place where people who have awesome properties can lease them to couples wanting a venue that reflects them (and their budget)?

People were already doing this of course- someone knows someone with a farm, or they’d try their luck contacting holiday home owners, but there was no designated space to do this.. and so Backyardweddings.co.nz was created!

With a background in all sorts of relevant and irrelevant ‘jobs’ so to speak, I hope to transform the venue-finding experience for couples and help private-venue owners make some sweet moolah from their backyard.

It’s taken weeks in the planning of our own wedding to research each individual vendor, find contact information, get hold of them and then chase them all up for quotes.. My aim here is to bring them all to you! 

Once the Backyard Wedding ball is rolling ahead full steam, along comes V E N D O R S ~ Soon Backyard weddings will be your one-stop shop for everything you need wedding related! 




Decor Hire

Marquee Hire

Wedding Planners


Lets make life a little more simple! 

There is a real human behind this business ~ Let’s take her places!

The Handy Man

The back of the chair – the part that holds you up when you’re feeling slouched. The calm to my cray, the fixer when I break-er

When you see “we” on the site, I mean Matt and me. Hopefully this team will grow but for now you’ve got us

We would love to hear what you think of backyardweddings.co.nz! Add your thoughts and feedback in the comments 🙂
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