Outdoor Wedding Trends for 2020

Is there anything that sounds more incredible than saying, “I do” as your feet sink into the snowy white sand of the beach?

Perhaps you imagine exchanging wedding vows alongside silver ferns at the edge of the forest. Maybe you dream of starting your lives together surrounded by loved ones, sipping pinot noir and nibbling on aged gouda at a local vineyard in the valley.

Whatever your dream of outdoor nuptials may be, 2020 is the year to make your vision a reality. Whether you’ve already chosen a location or are just starting to consider your options, the wedding trends of next year have begun to emerge, and they’re fantastic.

Below we have highlighted 5 fabulous trends of outdoor weddings in 2020 for you to consider as you plan your wedding day.

Here are 5 Outdoor Wedding Trends for 2020:

1. The Inside Out Wedding

At times, couples fear that being married outdoors means less comfort for themselves and guests alike. This year, however, the inside is coming out! What does this mean, exactly? It means adding chic indoor home goods to your outdoor ceremony to ensure comfort and intimacy for all, while you still have the open-air celebration of your dreams.

Vibrant and ornate rugs, lavish white tents, plentiful plush pillows and even mid-century modern style couches are fabulous décor additions. 

According to BBJ Linen, residential pieces have become a focal point at large events to allow for a more intimate feel. Coordinating table linens and floral arrangements with the fabrics and upholstery of these pieces will pull the entire look together, (without making it look like you decided to bring your grandmother’s sitting room outside for a day.)

Haley Sheffield | Ooh! Events

2. The Micro-Wedding

We’ve heard of micro-breweries, micro-influencers and micro-businesses. It was only a matter of time before micro-weddings took a seat at this proverbial table! A micro-wedding is just as it sounds; a traditional wedding in every sense, but on a smaller scale.

It is entirely fathomable that while you may want a spectacular and glamorous wedding day, you don’t want to blow your entire savings on an enormous celebration.

If you this concept speaks to you, consider hosting only immediate family and a select group of friends at a seaside retreat or on the rolling hills of a countryside estate. If you’re concerned about the feelings of your extended family and friends, there are some fantastic tips to help scale back your wedding without the guilt.

3. The Sustainable Wedding

Does reduce, reuse, recycle sound familiar? As we continue to discover more about the effect our day to day lives have on the planet, this popular slogan has continued to pick up steam, even amongst weddings. Are you concerned about the environmental impact your wedding day may have?  You don’t have to be! There are numerous ways to decrease the carbon footprint of your big day.

Gorgeous invitations made from sustainable and recycled materials are now abundantly available.

Many couples will even be opting to grow their own flowers this coming year. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, consider purchasing your floral selections from a local farm or co-op. In place of take-home favours, a donation to your favourite environmental charity in honour of your guests will sincerely express your gratitude. Finally, another eco-chic concept is to develop a delicious and unique menu incorporating only local farm-to-table foods. Think lavish salads with organic seasonal produce, paired with a delectable main course that only consists of ethically raised or grown options. Sustainable doesn’t have to be boring! 

4. The Vibe Wedding

Conventionally weddings hinge upon a décor concept or perhaps a colour scheme chosen long before vows are exchanged. In 2020, however, many couples will be planning their outdoor weddings around the vibe or feeling they wish to convey. Rather than beginning by matching dresses to napkins, to flowers and so on, couples are deciding how they want their wedding to feel before they decide how it will look.

Do you enjoy wine tasting on weekends? Perhaps you’re the outdoorsy type of duo that loves to hike and sleep under the stars. Maybe the Italian countryside is all you’ve ever dreamed about. All Seated has recently emphasized that the demand for the unexpected, non-traditional venues are on the rise. They are also a means by which you can capture that certain je ne sais quoi that will leave your guests talking long after the wedding has come to an end.

5. The Prismatic Wedding

Gone are the overtly matching chair covers and tablecloths for many in 2020. This year, it’s all about an array of colours and fabrics! Instead of varying hues of chartreuse or lilac, many are opting for bold complementary colours and a variety of fabrics to tie together the décor concept or vibe of their wedding and reception. Draping velvet table linens topped with ornate place settings and silk napkins, bold florals and even colourful stemware are show stoppers and considered statement pieces at these fabulous and variegated events.

Brooke Price Photography | CocoLuna Events | Tom Trovato Event Floral | Sundial Beach Report & Spa

Whether you decide to tie the knot in the foothills of Mt. Cook or in an intimate cottage ceremony, any of these outdoor wedding trends can be incorporated into your big day. Even the most traditional of weddings can follow contemporary concepts. Don’t be afraid to choose one or even two of these trends and incorporate it to your idea of the perfect wedding!


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