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Earn money from the comfort of your own home. 

No, really!


Backyard Weddings is a platform that brings alternative venue-hunting couples together with private venue and vendor owners.

List your backyard today.

Rest assured, knowing we take $0 commission – we know how much effort goes into the wedding liaison and prep – you earned it, so you keep it.

1. Create a listing

Easy to list and edit

Easily list your backyard venue within minutes.
In six simple steps you can create an opportunity for potential couples across New Zealand to book and use your venue.

Set your terms

Only want daytime weddings? Or no more than 20 people? That’s A-OK! Your property, your terms. Feel comfortable and confident in hiring out your backyard

2. Respond to inquiries and requests

Marketing as unique as your venue

It’s simple really – we don’t just put up a profile for a new venue and wish you good luck. Instead, we work proactively to promote your venue via the website itself, our blog, wedding showcases, email newsletters and social media channels.

Straight to your inbox

Couples who like your venue will contact you directly from your listing profile page. Messages will include contact information and some details or questions about what the couple is looking for.

3. Book weddings

Meet and book

We suggest that you meet couples who express interest in booking your venue at yours for a quick tour. Agree on the hire price and house rules, and voila! You just got your space hired.

Reap the rewards

Earn money and take advantage of the many benefits of running a business from your own backyard. Completely commission free!

We've got your back!

Need photos? 

Don’t have any photos or want better ones? That’s OK! We have a network of talented  photographers right across NZ who will produce high quality images (and video walkthroughs if you like) to show off your place. 

We’re here to help

From getting your property wedding-ready to choosing a price, — we’ve got tools and resources for you.