Donna & Kane’s DIY Farm Wedding

I absolutely love it when a couple takes their wedding day and turns it in to an event that truly reflects who they are. Today’s real wedding is a reflection of a couple who made their wedding a one-of-a-kind event!

Wedding date: 7 may 2016
Wedding location: Dairy Flat
Number of guests: 50
Wedding budget: 10,000
Wedding cost: 13,000

The Couple

Tell us a little about…

How you first met… I first met Kane while he was dating a friend of mine. He came to my youngest son’s 2nd birthday party. Even after their relationship ended, we remained friends

When you knew it was love… When I didn’t want him to go home to his place.

IMG_7073_1  IMG_6870-2_1  IMG_6914_1 The proposal… 5 am 14th august 2013, it was my birthday. He woke me up before he went to work, butt naked, because he wanted to be the most exposed to the world he could be when he asked me to marry him.

Pre-wedding celebrations… We didn’t have an engagement party but we did have bachelor/bachelorette parties. Kane had a few friends over down in the shed with a few drinks around the pool table. They got him very, very drunk.

I went to a friends place for topless bartenders and games then went to the local boat club dressed in onesies and continued drinking.

IMG_7123_1 IMG_6960_1  IMG_7277_1  IMG_7142_1  IMG_7285_1The Wedding

The ceremony was at 3 pm outside under a archway I bought from Kmart. I decorated it myself with fabric and flowers. I walked down to “I Will Love You” by Gin Wigmore. I don’t remember much, other than I kept telling Kane I loved him.

My only regret was my pick of shoes because of walking on the grass. The things we women do for style!

IMG_6952  IMG_7342_1  IMG_7414_1

My oldest son walked me down the aisle. Youngest son was my ring bearer and my daughter was my flower girl. Kane’s daughter was a part of his groom’s party.

The reception was under a marquee. Once the sun went down and all the lights took effect, the marquee look amazing. Our first dance was to Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. We had taken dance lessons for 6 weeks with U Can 2 Dance company.

IMG_7462-2_2 IMG_7536_1  IMG_7545_1  IMG_7542_1

What is your favourite memory about the day?
Seeing the smile on Kanes face as I walked down to him and having our family and friends there to help us celebrate our day.

What was the best thing about having a backyard wedding?
Being about to set up in our own time frame. Only being limited by our imagination when I came to what we could do!
IMG_7568-2_1  IMG_7584_1  IMG_7589_1  IMG_7622_1

 The Logistics

What made you decide on a backyard wedding?

We have an amazing back yard. We wanted to be able to do it our way. We did think it would be cheaper, and financially it was, but I think it took more of our time to have it all ready.

What are some of the challenges that you faced planning a backyard wedding?
The weather. It’s something you can’t plan for. Trying to imagine how it would all look before the set up day was frustrating. There was a lot we couldn’t do or weren’t sure of until the marquee was set up.

IMG_7625_1  IMG_7786_1  IMG_7794-2_1

What part of the day or planning are you most proud of?
How all our decorations came together at the reception.

What were your save and splurge items?
Our marquee package was a great deal. We didn’t have any splurges.

What advice do you have for couples who are considering a backyard wedding?
Do it. You can make it your own, and you don’t have the same limitations as you would with a venue.

 IMG_8281-2_1  IMG_7957_1  IMG_7932_1  IMG_8411-2_1

The Wedding Team

Wedding Dress and Shoes:

I got my dress off Trademe from a supplier called Fashionist. It was custom made to my measurements. I lost a lot of sleep waiting for it to arrive as I bought it only seeing photos. It fitted like a glove! I had the dress shortened to tea length as I wanted a pin-up inspired look for my wedding.

My shoes were Iron Fist. They were mint green wedges with sugar candy skulls on the back of them. Because of the length of my dress I wanted my shoes to be a statement as you would see them.

IMG_8632  IMG_8759-2  IMG_8766  IMG_8617  IMG_2367

Hair and Makeup:
My hair was done by hairdresser Daile Cronje from Dean Micheal’s Hairdressing. As soon as I told her we had set the date, we started planning what we were going to do. Daile has been my hairdresser for years so she knew exactly what I wanted. It was, again, Pin-up inspired. Victory rolls, pearl and silver clips and lavender in colour.

My makeup was done by the amazing Bianca Fallon at Media Makeup 1!

Groom’s Suit:
Kane wore Levis, a grey shirt and a tailored blue vest.

Marlise Mayer. I love every single photo she got. It was her first wedding she had photographed. We had worked with her before to do family photos. One of our awesome neighbours let up use their gardens to have our photos.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres:
My bridal flowers were artificial as I wanted to be able to keep them. They were done by Sarah Emily Heares from Petal and Print. I did add a few of my own touches to the bridal flowers by adding a peacock feather to my bouquet and adding twine and a locket to mine and my bridesmaids flowers. I made the boutonnieres myself.

Table Florals/Centerpieces:
I did them all myself. I got my flowers from Pak’n’save and the local vege shop. Do you know how hard it is to find a flowers two days before Mother’s Day that don’t cost the earth!?

I made 95% of the decorations myself. A lot of ribbon, lace, hessian, pearl beads and glass

Vivianne Allan. She is a long time friend of my mother in law. She was awesome.

Wedding Cake:
My amazing friend at Neat Cakes made our cake as our wedding present.

Marquee Package. Utterly Marquee gave us a awesome package. 9m x 13m marquee with silk roof lining and lighting. Tables, chairs, glassware, crockery, cutlery, table cloths and two gas patio heaters for just under $4000.

We got in Alfies spit roast company. The food was amazing, and there was heaps left over for breakfast the next day.



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